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EDPA is the leading publication for Personal Assistants, secretaries and administrative staff in education
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The magazine was first published (under the name of "National Association of Headteachers' PAs" / "NAHPA") in 2001 and has been edited since 2012 by Angela Garry of Pica Aurum - the world's most connected Personal Assistant and PA Trainer, author of "Brave PAs" for PAs, EAs, secretaries and admin staff in education. Full ownership of the magazine transferred to Pica Aurum in April 2015. With the magazine growing internationally, the title was changed to "EDPA" in November 2016.

Each issue of EDPA provides 31 pages of Continuous Professional Development and motivational items specifically authored for the education audience, sourced from leading educational trainers, worldwide PA trainers, and from PAs, secretaries and administrative staff working in education globally.

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• To inspire and motivate PAs and Admins working in education,
• to offer relevant training information,
• to look at challenges faced by education PAs and admins,
• to encourage PAs and admins to share their experiences and learn from others,
• to point subscribers in the right direction for useful resources for CPD, and
• to highlight the importance of the role of PA and Administrators so that the roles get the recognition they deserve as truly professional.
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