1. Because most school PAs are working for free every Saturday. Whilst contracted for 37½ or 40 hours per week, 80%+ of school PAs are actually working at least 7½ hours more per week (PicaAurum surveys 2014-2017). On a standard "term-time +3 weeks" contract this is the equivalent of working every Saturday or two months per year for FREE.

2. Because school PAs / secretaries receive little or no CPD. Around 95% (PicaAurum surveys 2012-2017) aren't offered admin-specific Continuous Professional Development opportunities and aren't included in any in-house school or college CPD days.

3. Because your role and responsibilities are constantly changing - you need the best possible support from your administrators to lead the organisation. How can they do this without CPD?

4. Because the magazine, website and discussion group are worth the expense. A year's subscription for 3 x 32-page issues of EDPA costs £35 / €50. Minus the front cover, this equates to 93 pages of CPD at less than £0.40 per page or £1 per week, and provides at least 4½ to 6 hours per year of CPD reading for your staff. In addition, the website's 'subscribers only' section and discussion group contain further resources and information to assist them in their roles.

5. Because your PA and admin staff deserve it - and they deserve your support and recognition for the importance of their role - which will also assist in increasing staff morale and retention figures.
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If, by reading EDPA, this can save your PA / secretary just one hour per week by giving them appropriate examples of how to work SMARTER and not HARDER, then that will enable them to claw back a few days of the additional time that they are currently giving for free to your school each year.

And if this time-saving extends to your PA / admin being able to save YOU an hour of YOUR time per week, how much more value does that add to a year's subscription?
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A question for Headteachers, Principals and College Leaders:

Why should you be subscribing to EDPA magazine for your PA, Secretary or Admin assistants?